Selling The Sizzle: How To Create An Effective Trailer (and Get Yours Done Free!)

For the past month we have been overwhelm by trailers for the latest releases this holiday season. Some, caught our attention even if it was for 10 seconds and some for the entire trailer. But are trailers getting to be overbearing can they produce just the right sizzle to get our full attention and our butts into a theater seat?

Making a good trailer can be just as daunting as making a good film.  In some ways it’s even tougher because you only have two to three minutes to sell your audience. A trailer should be an intriguing, eye-caching promotional piece designed to get people to watch your film. Every shot, sound bite, graphic card, and musical choice must be deliberate.  Nothing should be a throw away. It all has to make sense not only to you, but to the audience you are targeting.

I came across this article on Indiewire’s Shadow and Act website – the article is on how to produce an effective trailer. By the end of the read there is an offer you may not be able to resist…cause it’s a tempting free offer!

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Example below – The Wolf Of Wall Street trailer received hit 6 million views on Youtube unlike the exact film with a different trailer but only 600,00 views. Which one speak to you?

Kanye’s Version – above

Traditional studio version – Above

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