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Caledonia (Callie) Mathieson is an alumnus of Film Market Access’s Cannes 2014 internship program. We are delighted to share her experience with you! Callie’s written testimony is below:

This past May I had the opportunity to travel to Cannes, France to attend the Cannes Film Festival with Film Market Access. I had the pleasure of working as an intern within the Palais of the festival with Double Dutch Intl., a Toronto based distribution company. While at the festival, my duties included making meetings with producers and potential buyers, manning the front desk of the company’s booth, and running general errands for the company as they needed me. The internship provided me with an amazing opportunity to learn from established professionals within the industry first-hand. While working as an intern at the festival, I was exposed to a surplus of information regarding the buying and selling of films, and was given a good taste of how the film industry works. These are experiences I never would have had through my classes alone.

Being from a small town and going to school within a small city does not provide many opportunities for film students like myself to fully experience what the film/media industry is like, nor does it provide much of an opportunity to network with professionals from the industry. Travelling to Cannes with Film Market Access provided me with the opportunity to experience the industry in ways which I had not thought possible. I had daily opportunities to mingle with well established and successful individuals within the industry, and I was able to connect with many keen film students/recent graduates like myself, all of whom I hope to one day work with on future productions with.

In just two weeks I was able to attend a total of five red carpet premiere screenings. I also attended the Marche Du Filme opening party in addition to a garden party in the mountain region of Cannes. I was able to network with more people than I could have ever dreamed of, made friends that will last a life-time, and most of all, I learned a great deal about the film industry. My experience at Cannes reassured me that my dream of one day becoming a filmmaker was actually achievable, and is now something which I am more excited than ever to work towards. Travelling to Cannes with Film Market Access was definitely one of the most fun and rewarding trips that I have ever taken.

Thank you for sharing, Callie. Film Market Access wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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