5 Must See Canadian Films at TIFF14

Here are my picks for the top 5 Canadian films to watch at TIFF14.

October Gale – (Special Presentation)


Why you should watch:  Director Ruba Nadda is a Montreal-born, Toronto-based filmmaker and a remarkable woman of colour who has made a name for herself around the world. Her last film Cairo Time took the best Canadian feature in 2009 at TIFF.

Second Chance: The film will have a theatrical distribution in Canada most likely in October or February of 2015. You will also have another chance to see it on VOD (Video On Demand).


Mommy – (GALA)


434c654375241fb0e9419d0e7af58f03Why you should watch:  At age 25, director Xavier Dolan has completed 5 films with Mommy as his latest. Almost all of his films have garnered prestigious prizes from around the world, including Art Cinema Award, Prix Regards Jeunes and SACD prizes at Cannes, Cannes Prix Regards Jeunes and Queer Palm, and FIPRESCI Prize at Venice. This year he received the Jury Prize winner at Cannes for Mommy. All that is left for Dolan to receive is the Academy Award.

Second Chance: The film will have a theatrical distribution in Canada on September 19th. VOD  by January.


In Her Place – (Discovery)


Why you should watch: The city to city spotlight at TIFF this year is Seoul, South Korea. It’s befitting for Canadians to have a first time feature filmmaker who studied at York University with a strong network in Toronto to present a story that touches on both countries.

Second Chance: No distributor attached and that can be troublesome for a theatrical release. Look for a quick two week run at the Bell Lightbox Spring 2015 and VOD after.


Maps to the Stars – (GALA)


Why you should watch: If you haven’t seen any of David Cronenberg‘s films, I have only one question for you: Where have you been? Considered by TIFF to be the Master of Contemporary Cinema, Cronenberg has directed decades of  engaging  yet memorably disturbing films . However, Maps to the Stars isn’t disturbing but rather a fiercely intelligent satire of the movie business.

Second Chance: The film will most likely have a theatrical distribution date in the fall – VOD to follow by the Christmas season.


Guidance – (Discovery)


Why you should watch: Pat Mills is the friendliest and most interesting person I know in this industry. Yes, I’m painfully biased, but I want you all to go out and watch his film. In this not so coming of age film is Mills’ first feature that he directed and starred in – a double threat! Pat’s unique sense of humour will be a welcome relief for your day or from some of the very heavy films at TIFF14!

Second Chance: No distributor attached but I feel a guerrilla style marketing and word of mouth will be the key to the success of this film. Spread the word! http://www.guidancethefilm.com/


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