FMA’s TIFF ’14 Story

IMG_1293TIFF ’14 was definitely one for the books. Film Market Access and Creative Minds Group banded together once again to create a memorable festival experience for our interns and emerging filmmakers, and we couldn’t be more proud of how much they all have grown during those short eleven days. With participants coming from all over North America (including Mexico, of course), South Africa, and parts of Europe, we truly felt privileged developing this diverse group. It was like getting a first-hand glimpse of what the next generation of the film industry will look like, and boy, it’s practically a rainbow! We are certain everyone has their own story to tell after the festival – this is Film Market Access’s:

Everything Film Market Access had been preparing for came into fruition starting from September 3rd, a day before TIFF ’14 officially launched. The day started early and we acted quickly. Check into our hotel! Pick-up the TIFF industry badges! Plan the festival tour! And oh God, let’s hope everyone finds their way to the hotel okay (fact: everyone did)!
That day we conducted tours of Toronto – our beloved hometown. A good chunk of downtown was being transformed as TIFF venues were being prepped and as streets were being closed off for the sake of international film. It was fascinating to see how much everyone loved our city, perhaps even more so than the Torontonians themselves! Later that night, we all had our one and only dinner together. There was an air of unfamiliarity as everyone dined together for the first time, but it was easily overcome by a familiar air of excitement for the festival to come. To end the night, the filmmakers quietly retired with their respective teams to work on their short films. Thoroughly exhausted, the rest of us hit the sack to dream big.

After that night, some of our participants started their internships with their assigned distribution companies, while others filmed their IMG_1259shorts, and a final group found themselves constantly on the move to network with real industry professionals. As much as we would like to continue this story (even for just one of these groups), the truth is, everyone had a different experience! Please continue to follow our blog to read about the TIFF experience from our participants. We will occasionally be posting interviews and testimonies from our participants/alumni. And if that’s unsatisfying, maybe you can come join us and create your own story to tell.


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