What To See @TIFF15: Kirk Cooper’s Film List.

One of the most important film festival in the world turns 40! The Toronto International Film Festival aka TIFF originally known as The Festival of Festivals, was founded by William Marshall, Henk van der Kolk and Dusty Cohl. The festival got its start in 1976 from another event which is no longer around today – “Toronto Carvan”, a multi diverse cultural tasting of Toronto in food, music and drinks.

Memories: Quentin Tarantino, Helga Stephenson, Piers Handling, Festival 1992 Credit: Courtesy of Nir Baraket

Memories: Quentin Tarantino, Helga Stephenson with now CEO Piers Handling, Festival 1992 Credit: Courtesy of Nir Baraket

From its humble beginning TIFF has grown into the festival that attracts foreign films to North American Indie to Hollywood/Oscar notables and most recent TV Primetime. Here are a few Oscar winners that might bring back some emotions, star sightings or just a reminder of how much you love films. TIFF has premiered the following Chariots of Fire, The Big Chill, Husbands and Wives, Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, Downfall, Sideways, Crash, The King’s Speech, Moneyball, Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, and Dallas Buyers Club to name a few Oscar nominations.

If you love any of the above titles you won’t go wrong with these recommended films from my must see list.

1) 45 Years , Andrew Haigh, United Kingdom – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/45-years
2) Amazing Grace Sidney Pollack U.S.A – TIFF Docs http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/tiffdocs/amazing-grace
3) Andomalisa Charlie Kaufman, U.S.A – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/anomalisa
4) Baskin Can Evrenol, Turkey – Midnight Madness http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/midnightmadness/baskin
5) Beast Of A Nation Gary Fukunaga U.S.A – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/beasts-of-no-nation
6) Beeba Boys Deepa Mehta Canada – Gala http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/galapresentations/beeba-boys
7) Black Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah Belgium – Discovery http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/discovery/black
8) Chevalier Athina Rachel Tsangari Greece – Contemporary World http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/contemporaryworldcinema/chevalier
9) Demolition Jean-Marc Vallée U.S.A – Gala http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/galapresentations/demolition
10) Desde Alla Lorenzo Vigas Venezuela/Mexico –  Discovery http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/discovery/desde-alla

Dheepan - Special Presentation

Dheepan – Special Presentation

11) Dheepan* Jacques Audiard France – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/dheepan
12) Everything Will Be Fine Wim Wenders France/Canada/Germany – Masters http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/masters/every-thing-will-be-fine
13) Eye In The Sky Gavin Hood United Kingdom – Gala http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/galapresentations/eye-in-the-sky”
14) Heroes Reborn Tim Krin U.S.A – Primetime http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/primetime/heroes-reborn
15) Fire Song Adam Garnet Jones Canada – Discovery http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/discovery/fire-song
16) French Blood Diastème France – Platform http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/platform/french-blood
17) Five Nights In Maine Maris Curran U.S.A – Discovery http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/discovery/five-nights-in-maine
18) James White Josh Mond U.S.A Discovery http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/discovery/james-white
19) Legend Brian Helgeland United Kingdom -Gala http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/galapresentations/legend
20) Louder Than Bombs Joachim Trier Norway/France/Germany –  Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/louder-than-bombs

LOVE - Gaspar Noé

LOVE – Gaspar Noé

21) Love* Gaspar Noé France – Vanguard http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/vanguard/love
22) My Internship In Canada Philippe Falardeau Canada – Contemporary World http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/contemporaryworldcinema/my-internship-in-canada
23) Ninth Floor Mina Shum Canada – TIFF Docs http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/tiffdocs/ninth-floor
24) Office Johnny TO China Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/office
25) Rams* Grímur Hákonarson Iceland – Contemporary World http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/contemporaryworldcinema/rams
26) Sicario* Denis Villeneuve U.S.A – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/sicario
27) Stonewall Roland Emmerich U.S.A – Gala http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/galapresentations/stonewall
28) Te Prometo Anarquia Julio Hernández Cordón Mexico/Germany – Contemporary World http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/contemporaryworldcinema/te-prometo-anarquia

Rams - Contemporary World

Rams – Contemporary World

29) The Assassion Hou Hsiao-Hsien Taiwan Masters http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/masters/the-assassin-1
30) The Danish Girl Tom Hopper United Kingdom -Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/the-danish-girl
31) The Endless River Oliver Hermanus South Africa – Contemporary World http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/contemporaryworldcinema/the-endless-river
32) The Here After Magnus Von Horn Poland/Sweeden – Discovery http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/discovery/the-here-after
33) The Lobster Yorgos Lanthimos Ireland/UK/Greece – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/the-lobster
34) The Man Who Knew Infinity Matthew Brown United Kingdom – Gala http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/galapresentations/the-man-who-knew-infinity
35) The Martian Ridley Scott U.S.A – Gala http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/galapresentations/the-martian
36) The Meddler Lorene U.S.A – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/the-meddler
37) The Pearl Button Patricio Guzman Chile – Masters http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/masters/the-pearl-button
38) The Returned Fabrice Gobert France – Primetime http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/primetime/les-revenants
39) The White Nights Joachim Lafosse France/Belgium – Platform http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/platform/the-white-knights

Yakuza Apocalypse - Midnight Madness

Yakuza Apocalypse – Midnight Madness

40) Trapped Baltasar Kormákur Iceland – Primetime http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/primetime/trapped
41) Trumbo Jay Raoch U.S.A Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/trumbo
42) Where to Invade Next Michael Moore U.S.A – Special Presentation http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/specialpresentations/where-to-invade-next
43) Yakuza Apocalypse* Takashi Mike Japan – Midnight Madness http://www.tiff.net/festivals/festival15/midnightmadness/yakuza-apocalypse

*- films that I saw at Festival de Cannes 

As always please leave a feedback – let me know if you decide to see one of the films from this list or recommend a film you’re going to see.

Bon festival!

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