Thanks to our alumni the Cannes and Toronto Programs have grown significantly in part through word of mouth. Here is a list of some of our participants and what they have to say….

Cannes Film Program Testimonials

Howard Green – Producer (Machete Joe) and Stuntman (Pacific Rim)

  • In April 2006, my short film “Black Leather Soles” was selected by Kirk Cooper for ReelWorld Film Festival. After the festival Kirk told me he putting together his first group for Cannes and it would be good for me to go and pitch my next project “Machete Joe“. I took him up on his offer. I had a great time attending the red carpet screenings, the receptions/parties the films and meeting so many professionals – so much to do in Cannes. Cannes is a filmmakers playground. Once you’ve been there, you will be addicted. Festival de Cannes rock and I recommend – Film Market Access – a dream come true for me.”

Brian Gregory – Cinematographer (winner of Filmmaker’s Institute short film competition May 2012) www.creaction-media.com

  • “Kirk is an amazing professional who has helped me understand the lengths of my potential within the film industry. I invested in Film Market Access program in Cannes 2012 and I would be ready to do so again.”

Sugith Varughese – Writer, Actor – (Republic of Doyle) and Director

  • “I couldn’t imagine going to Cannes for the first TIME without having Film Market Access to guide me. Obtaining my accreditation/accommodations, being part of Canada Pavilion, even knowing the hot spots, would have been very difficult on my own. Kirk Cooper knows Cannes and knows how to assist filmmakers going to the Festival de Cannes.”

Orla La-Wayne Garriques – Producer (Made in Canada)

  • “For me, FMA was a positive experience on many levels. First, the Cannes program offered the intimacy of the networking combined with the calibre of participants that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in various capacities post Cannes program. Secondly, as a host company the Toronto Film Program internship program has provided exceptional intern support for my colleagues and myself, as we conduct business during TIFF over the last 3 years.”

Toronto Film Program Testimonials

Jonathan Bunning – Norwich School of Art & Design, England

  • “Don’t image it – I lived the experience at tiff”

Kacie Willis – Savannah College of Art and Design

  • “I thought that participating in the Networking Program would simply mean that I would be left on my own to go and “network”, but I was incredibly happy that I was given guidance on which events and screenings to attend to better facilitate my goals. From the various events that I attended, I was able to better gage the role of a major film festival and now I feel more prepared to navigate through any future festivals that I attend.”

Michael Merson

  • •“The Toronto internship programs enabled me to be a part of some incredible gatherings of Canadian filmmakers, from late-night club bangers to panels and talks with industry leaders and professionals. The program was focused and dense, and I left Toronto having learned a great deal about what it means to produce a film in the world today. The personal attention given to me was substantial, it made me feel like I was a part of something big, and I had direct impact on what people saw and heard about this years Canadian film entries. The trip further encouraged my already cemented decision to someday live in Toronto and participate in the film culture. I feel that Doe Eye Media provided perhaps the best internship experience from the Toronto Film Program, as no other company gave their interns the kind of care and guidance that they provided for me.”

Alexa Whittington – University of North Texas

  • “I had a fantastic experience and everything/everyone was great. The interns really helped each other out and I liked everyone I met. I enjoyed interning, the screenings, the parties, and networking, all of it! It’s something I will never forget in my life. At the end of my internship, one of the agents did offer to hire me at the end of my semester when I graduate.”

Additional Comments:

Simone Dalton: Manager, Media Relations & Communications at Toronto Community Foundation

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Kirk while he was Director of Programming at the ReelWorld Film Festival. Kirk’s knowledge of film was definitely instrumental to the success of the festival. Since then, I have watched him singlehandedly build his business, Film Market Access, into a sought after point of entry into the film business for young professionals.”