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Who should apply to the Market Readiness Program?
FMA encourages producers, directors, screenwriter and actors to apply to our Market Readiness Program.
Can I apply if I’m a recent graduate from a film school/college/university?
Yes, you may apply if you have previous experience in production. You should also have a current project that is either completed or seeking finance.
If I have paid the program fee but later I’m unable to attend, can I get a full refund?
You may be eligible for a refund up to 65% before hard cost/expenses have been allocated. Once the hard cost has been allocated no refund will be provided.
Is airfare/travel included?

Airfare and or train travel is not included in the package. However, some transportation to and from airport and festival venues may be included.

Regarding travel - If I am unable to stay for duration of the Market Readiness Program. Do I have the option to leave early?

You can remove yourself from the program at any time. However we recommend that you attend the start of the market for a minimum of 6 days for Cannes and 4 days for Frontières/TIFF to get the best results.

Which market is better for me? Cannes, Frontières or TIFF – which one should I apply to?

Each festival/market has a focus in developing and shaping your knowledge and experience. This includes offering you resources and benefits along with a platform for the most powerful and diverse voices of professionals/delegates from around the world. Your choice should be based on your project.

Does FMA accept applicants from countries outside of North America?

We have assisted producers, directors from countries such as South Africa, United Kingdom, India and United States.

I am not from the Canada. I reside in a country that requires a visa to travel to Canada or France, can you assist me?
You will need to contact the Canadian or French consulate that handles visas in your country as requirements may vary. We are happy to assist you with this process (such as writing a letter confirming acceptance into the Market Readiness Program), but getting any required travel documents is entirely the participant’s responsibility
What happens after when we participate with FMA?
All participants become a part of the FMA community. The FMA community is a welcoming environment that offers encouragement and support, advice and year round activities for content creators.

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