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Festival de Cannes & Marche du Film Testimonials

“I couldn’t imagine going to Cannes for the first TIME without having Film Market Access to guide me. Obtaining my accreditation/accommodations, being part of Canada Pavilion, even knowing the hot spots, would have been very difficult on my own. Kirk Cooper knows Cannes and knows how to assist filmmakers going to the Festival de Cannes.”

Sugith Varughese

Writer, Director, and Actor on Kim's Convenience (Visit Site)

“Kirk is an amazing professional who has helped me understand the lengths of my potential within the film industry. I invested in Film Market Access program in Cannes 2012 and I would be ready to do so again.”

Brian Gregory

Cinematographer (winner of Filmmaker's Institute short film competition 2012), Brian Gregory Creative (Visit Site)

“The first year I attended the Cannes Film Festival, I did the best I could, but it was overwhelming. There is so much going on. I met lots of people, but in a haphazard, random way–starting conversations cold with anyone who was interested, working at scoring invites into parties I wasn’t invited to… it was hard to know how to make the most of my time and how to connect with the right people. The second year I attended, I went with FMA, it was like night and day! I had proper meetings lined up with people who could actually help get my projects off the ground, met and connected with industry people that I am now actually working with. ”

Gonzalo Jimenez


‘Cannes’, the sound of that word alone brings me memories of opportunity, growth, and success. I’m not kidding you. I had no idea what the ‘film industry’ was until Film Market Access presented to me this new world of it. After going to this prestigious festival market, I wanted nothing but more of it… I was addicted. The advice, tips, and etiquette that I learned through this program has helped me in everything I’ve done since. I learned a new language. I evolved as a filmmaker in what I call the ‘Coliseum of Cannes’. Micheal Alexander Uccello

Metal Monster Productions (Visit Site)

Toronto International Film Festival Testimonials

“For me, FMA was a positive experience on many levels. First, the Cannes program offered the intimacy of the networking combined with the calibre of participants that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in various capacities post Cannes program. Secondly, as a host company the Toronto Film Program internship program has provided exceptional intern support for my colleagues and myself, as we conduct business during TIFF over the last 3 years.”

Orla La-Wayne Garriques

Producer, Made in Canada (Visit Site)

“Don’t imagine it – I lived the experience at TIFF.”

Jonathan Bunning

Social Media Manager, Raven Banner Entertainment (Visit Site)

Frontières Co-production Market (Montréal, QC) Testimonials

During Fantasia Film Festival – one of the largest international genre festivals – I was able to understand a deeply connected community and committed fan base. The intimate co-production market is extremely valuable. Thanks to FMA Market Readiness Program I was able to learn , connect and grow from the experience.”

Brian Quintero

Writer, Director (Days Gone Bye), (Visit IMDb Page)

Film Market Access was a wonderful experience as I navigate my filmmaking career. Kirk Cooper gave a phenomenal amount of marketing guidance as I packaged my projects. After I finished my first festival experience with FMA, I immediately realized Kirk brings a wealth of experience and knowledge for any emerging filmmaker.

Andrew Ravindran

Actor, writer, and producer , To No Man's Land, Red Eyed and We all Fall Down (Visit IMDb page)

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